Bruce Schmidt has been canoeing and running trips on the Fox river for over 30 years with his Father Wesley Schmidt (above) and another 10 plus years helping when needed with


Bruce started helping with trips back around the age of 8 or so, trying to drag canoes to the trailers and struggling to lift them in place. Things got better, he and his Father kept doing trips in the summer for years and years. His Dad taught Industrial Arts (Woodshop) at Larsen Middle School in Elgin and had the summers off.


He prides himself on excellent service. Bruce is still helping people have a great time out on the rivers, enjoying a nice canoe or kayak outing.


Now Bruce Schmidt is back running -


He does a trip where you meet him at Voyaguers Landing Forest Preserve (End of trip point) by the  first boat launch. He then takes you to the (Start of the trip) at Bufalo Park in Algonquin IL, where he will launch you. You paddle down, on your own, to get the full enjoyment of this trip. Avoiding any danger and exploring on your own. There is a mandatory portage at the Carpentersville dam on the right (West) side of river by the gazebo. *Note - portaging on other side of river is difficult, don't do it! When you are done (back where your vehicle is) Contact Bruce and he will come get boats and equipment and finish up with you. Normally you will call him when you can see the I-90 Tollway bridge. This gives Bruce about 15-20 minutes to come down before you land you boat(s).


There may be times when there are more people than we can transport, so you may have to shuttle some people for us. Thank You ahead of time!


Bruce will make sure you receive the proper gear and equipment and that it is in good condition. He will also go over anything that you may need to know if your not already an avid paddler, and answer questions you have.


Sometimes Bruce will stop at Carpentersville dam on the way to the start to make sure you know how to get past it safely, if needed... It does require a portage as it is a "Low head Dam!"


Contact us if you need assistance in planning a weekend outing

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